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sobre mí

My name is Isabel García Miralles and I am a translator and proofreader (English, French and Spanish). I have always been passionate about languages, but, especially, about English. Therefore, seven years ago, I decided that languages should be in my life and what better way to achive it than to translate them.

Trisaes Traducciones is an initiative which aims to eliminate linguistic barriers between people who do not speak the same language, because we live in a totally globalised world. Translation is not an easy task, since it is not simply replacing a word with another one in a different language. Therefore, you should entrust a translation to qualified professionals, who guarantee the reliability and the quality of the translation. 


- Degree in Translation and Interpreting (English). Universidad de Murcia (2013-2017). 

- Professional Proofreading Course (Spanish). Trágora Formación (120 hours).